Models and Experiments in Timing, Rhythm, and Entrainment

METRE Lab Research

Through experiment, and through the development of theory and models guided by experiment, we aim to address the questions:

What are the computational and neurophysiological underpinnings of our sense of rhythm?

What is the inner logic by which we temporally coordinate our actions, our minds, and predictable processes in the world around us?

Why do rhythmic sound and movement offer potent access to such a broad range of positive neuropsychological effects?

Lab Members

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Dr. Jonathan Cannon

Principal Investigator

Dr. Martin Miguel

Postdoctoral Researcher

Matin Yousefabadi

PhD Student

Yassaman Ommi

Masters Student

Jessica Jalbert

Undergraduate Thesis Student

Hongyu Xiao

Undergraduate Thesis Student

Jacob Duda

Undergraduate Thesis Student

Davina Premraj

Undergraduate Thesis Student

Latest News

Recruiting participants with autism or stutter!

The precision of entrainment of movement to rhythm has been shown to vary with a whole range of learning and developmental conditions, including stuttering and autism. This winter in the[…]

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Experiments are underway!

With help from some sharp, motivated undergraduates, we have started a set of experiments exploring the inner logic by which mind, action, and external processes are coordinated in time. Our[…]

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Arriving at McMaster!

I will be arriving on campus July 1st. I’m excited to start setting up some experiments! Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries about research opportunities or other[…]

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